Vidya Shah

Vidya Shah
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Mori Araj Suno from the Album Mere Paas Raho

A small clip from my Faiz Album 'Mere Paas Raho' (Times Music) : I composed this unusual piece written by Faiz Saheb titled Nazr-e-Khusro, feels like his tribute to Amir Khusro's poetry.

"At this point it is quite hard to figure out which is greater, Vidya’s passion for music, or her love for singing Faiz. Not that it matters of course; what matters is the fact that ever since I have come to know her, I have been deeply moved by her understanding of what Faiz means to the people of the Sub-continent. If music creates an unshakeable bond, words strengthen it ,as does Vidya's celebration of Faiz, poet of love and peace in his Centennial Year."
Salima Hashmi (Faiz Saheb's daughter)

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